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Architectural Fibreglass (GRP)

Fibreglass (GRP) can fulfill a range of other architectural uses and brings convenience, durability and cost-saving. Its architectural and decorative functions range from sheets of tiling, brick or mosaic, to ornate features such as cupolas and pillars.


Tile or Brick-effect Fibreglass Sheets

brick effect fibreglass sheets

GRP Tile sheetsWe make GRP sheets in various finishes such as tiling, painted wood or brick, which can be applied to walls quickly to give a striking look.  The result is a waterproof, wipe-clean, low-maintenance and good-looking wall.  It is ideal for corridors, washrooms and washing areas.  It can also be a solution where a brickwork look is wanted but without the weight.

Sheets can be made up in smooth plain solid colours.  Sheets come in ‘jig-saw pieces’, or in sheets in a range of sizes (6′ x 4′, 8′ x 4′, 2000mm x 1000mm, or bespoke).




Plastic glass.

Whilst not as clear as real glass, is useful where frosting or colouring is wanted, where real glass may not be appropriate, or where weight is an issue.  For example, the lightly frosted sheets can make a useful outer shield to stained-glass windows.  If you do want a clear plastic, we would use a clear acrylic instead.

ReinforcedFrosted glasticPlastic glass





Signage, Plaques, Memorials and Grave Markers.

Fibreglass signs offer the choice of colours and effects (such as stone, brass or bronze) whilst needing no maintenance; each sign comes with a 25 year guarantee.  GRP is often used to give strength with a light-weight material, but it is easy to add weight to the mix to give weight or a heavy feel where it is wanted or appropriate.