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Flatpack Portable Baptistries

Our flatpack portable baptistries come in all shapes and sizes to suit.



 croydon sm

Croydon (10-sided)

 Apostle Baptistry

Apostle (12-sided)

 Flatpack Galilee baptistry

Flat-pack Galilee

 UltraFlat Baptistery


 BaptistryUK round pool



 wooden baptistery


 Nonagon flatpack baptistry



Nonagon: Our most popular baptistry combining a spacious design for your baptism with compact storage and easy set up. Download PDF sheet for this pool.

Croydon: All the advantages of the Nonagon with an extra panel for more space.  Download PDF sheet for this pool.

Apostle: Our show stopper, this is the pool with real stage presence for your bigger events – and, surprisingly, it still fits in most cars for transport! Download PDF sheet for this pool.

Galilee: A quick set up, a good amount of space and more insulation, so it’s perfect if you’re hiring a space for your event. Download PDF sheet for this pool.

Round: Perfect smaller option if you’re baptising younger believers or don’t mind a shallower pool.

Ultraflat: The best budget option we can design, it uses a strong liner to create solidity at a lower price point.

Create your own: We’ve designed many shapes and sizes over the years and love creating something special just for your church, from hexagons to pear shapes, to violins – just ask us!