Heater Repair

If your immersion heater is within its warranty period, (6 months for a 2.4kW with Control heater or 12 months for a 4.8kW) we will arrange for collection of the heater. Please contact us by the contact form below or phone 0345 230 1381.

    If possible, please send us a photo of the damage. Thanks.

    Don't forget to press SEND

    If the heater is out of warranty (if you’ve had it more than 6 / 12 months), please pack it with plenty of padding and a covering letter giving your contact details and any description of the fault and post it to:

    Chris Sadler, 58 Shalmsford St, Chartham, Canterbury, CT4 7RH.

    If you prefer, we can arrange for it to be collected by our carrier for a small charge.

    Chris will assess the heater when it arrives and we’ll contact you with a price for repair before we go any further.

    Please note, we do not repair in-line heater systems.