Baptistry Water Heaters

As we had  a problem sourcing a necessary part for the heaters, we decided this was an opportunity to redesign and overhaul the heaters, but the new heaters are not yet in stock.  If you would like to buy a heater, please email or ring the office for more information.  Bespoke heater manufacture is unaffected.

If you need a heater before then for a baptism, contact us to hire one.

Our water heaters are designed specifically for baptistry pools.  They come in two sizes, though both have a control box so that you get better temperature control. 

Price £750+delivery & VAT Price £465+delivery & VAT
Most powerful purpose-made baptistry heater
Thermostatic control and safety features
Heat baptistries up to 5000 litres
Fitted with ‘commando’ plug

Details PDF
Thermostatic control
The additional safety features of the 4.8kW
Heat baptistries up to 2400 litres
Fitted with UK 3-pin 13A plug

Details PDF

Heater customers who bought or, who are buying, a pool from BaptistryUK, have a 5% discount and free UK mainland delivery.

We also make bespoke or custom built heaters (different plug types, cable lengths, etc)

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