Baptistry Water Heaters

A newer model of heater is being designed and will begin manufacture in the next few months. 

If you would like to buy a heater, please email or ring the office for more information. 

Bespoke heaters can also be manufactured.

If you need a heater urgently or for a one-off occasion, contact us to hire one.

For in-line heaters for permanent installations, please click here.  


Our current water heaters are designed specifically for baptistry pools.  They come in two sizes, though both have a control box so that you get better temperature control. 

4.8kW Heater~
Price £775+del & VAT
2.4kW ~
Price £495+del & VAT
  • Most powerful purpose-made baptistry heater

  • Thermostatic control and safety features

  • Heat baptistries up to 5000 litres

  • Fitted with ‘commando’ plug (32 amp SP&N)

Details PDF
    • Thermostatic control

    • The additional safety features of the 4.8kW

    • Heat baptistries up to 2400 litres

    • Fitted with UK 3-pin 13A plug

Details PDF

Offer bundle: if you don’t/can’t have a commando socket, two 2.4kW heaters cost £950+del & VAT

Heater customers who bought or, who are buying, a pool from BaptistryUK, have a 5% discount and free UK mainland delivery.

We also make bespoke or custom built heaters (different plug types, cable lengths, etc)