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BaptistryUK round pool

The Round: a quick baptistry to set up, fill and take down.  With a double liner, and FS speedy set up, it is ideal for churches meeting in borrowed premises.  It is also a perfect smaller option if you’re baptising younger believers or don’t mind a shallower pool.

 This is our original model and one of our favourites. The round baptistry is simple, quick to fill and well insulated. Like the Galilee it comes with a double liner as standard.

 A baptistry of this size and insulation can easily be heated purely by using a hot tap, making it perfect for churches where a quick set up and take down is a priority. While it’s most popular for baptising those with mobility issues and younger candidates, it also works with adults if they kneel.

 Choose the colour of your double liners, with pale blue as standard.


Capacity: 900 litres

Size when set up: 150cm across and 67cm deep

Size when disassembled:  four curved panels approximately 110cm long

Equipment box: 75x45x35cm


Rough estimates for you:

Rating for set up: Easy for two people.

How long to set up? Around 10-20 minutes for two people

How long to fill? Between 45 minutes and an hour

How long to heat? At best around 5 hours; at most around 8 hours

(see our blog for tips on heating)


Everything included for you:

four panels; double liners; nuts and bolts; foam base mats; a submersible pump; an insulating floating top; puncture repair kit.

Three options on piping: 10m hosepipe to fill and 10m crushproof pipe to empty OR 15m crushproof piping OR 15m layflat piping.

Optional extras:

Add a heater for just £280

Add a good strong storage box to keep all your equipment safe and together for £45

Click here for prices

Round Baptistry, BaptistryUK from Baptistryuk on Vimeo.



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