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Who are we and why do we run this business?BaptistryUK - a family business

BaptistryUK is a family business run by Ruth and David Weston helped by Yvonne (finance, accounts and admin) and Biddy (logistics and admin).  We are based in the UK but can ship overseas.

BaptistryUK is here to help churches in their witness by making and hiring / selling / leasing baptistries (or baptisteries) that can be used by congregations in their outreach, witness and growth.  We make our baptistries in fibreglass (GRP) and they are available in a range of shapes, sizes and colours.  We also design and make large, permanent baptistry tanks with lids.

Ruth has been a preacher for 25+ years and David keeps getting roped in as church treasurer, so we be assured, we know what it’s like being in a church!


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BaptistryUK is a trading name of AQB Pools Ltd.
The company number is 6906071.
VAT Registration No. 127 3251 35.

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