Flatpack Galilee

New Flatpack Galilee baptistry

Our Galilee baptistry has always been popular because it is very roomy and also quick to set up.  But its curved panels made it more expensive to box and transport.

So, we’ve designed and made a Flatpack Galilee that can be packed more neatly and transported more cheaply.  We also took the opportunity to make it longer, wider and deeper.

This can also be an alternative to the Apostle baptistry.


Capacity: 2000 litres.

Size when set up: 230cm long, 170cm across and 77cm deep

Size when flat:  14 panels when dismantled: 2 panels at 77cm x 60cm and 12 at 77cm x 45cm.

Equipment box:  One at 75 x 45 x 35cm and one at 45 x 30 x 35cm  for the heater

Rough estimates for you:

Rating for set up: Straightfoward

How long to set up? Around 25 minutes for two people

How long to fill? Around two hours.

How long to heat?  With a 4.8kW heater, between 6  and 12 hours.  (See our blog for tips on heating)


Hire Kit – Everything included for you:

14 panels; double liner; nuts and bolts; foam base mats; a submersible pump; a water heater; an insulating floating top; ; 20m layflat piping with connectors; puncture repair kit and strong storage crate.


Sales:      Click here for prices


Basic kit:

14 panels; liner; nuts and bolts; & a fibreglass step.


Optional extras:

 See our  baptistry equipment bundles at Baptistry Kit for pumps, heaters, pipes, etc.