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Pool Equipment – Pumps, Pipes, Liners, &c.

Baptistry pumpPumps

  • Plugs into mains
  • Can pump out from 6m depth
  • Simple and robust
  • Can also use pump ‘on its side’ to stir up water in larger baptistries to ensure even heating
  • All pumps come ready to use (i.e. with connectors for our pipes)

200W (without float switch) £45 | 250W £55  | 400W £65 | 750W £75. |

Offer bundle 250W + 20m layflat / 12m crushproof + connector + UK delivery for £95+VAT

All prices plus carriage (£7) and VAT.


Baptistry equipment

  • Does not kink
  • Enables pump to work more efficiently
  • Speedier emptying of pool
  • Hard-wearing and long lasting
  • includes attachments if bought with pump

£3/metre (or 25m roll for £60)

All prices plus carriage (£7) and VAT.


  • Highly compact storagelayflat hose


All prices plus carriage (£7) and VAT.

Base Pads

  • Protect baptistry liners.
  • Added insulation.
  • Interlocking tiles or large foam mats available.interlocking base mats for baptistry

Large black closed-cell foam mats (2m x 1m x 9mm) £52 each.

Interlocking dark grey or black foam tiles (approx. 600mm x 600mm x 9mm) £2.50 each (9 for Nonagon or Compact; 12 for a Flatpack Galilee; 16 for Croydon or Apostle).

All prices plus carriage (£7) and VAT.

Vinyl Baptistry Pool Liners

Baptistry liners

    • Replace portable baptistry liners.
    • Extend the life of an old in-ground pool.
    • Range of colours and patterns – patterned liners do not show marking as easily and look better for longer as a result.
    • Available in a range of thicknesses – 0.75mm (30 thou.”); 0.5mm (20 thou. “); and 0.35mm (14-16 thou. “).  Please note, not all colours are available in each thickness.
    • Bespoke liners can be made for your own baptistry pools.

Prices for plain blue liners:  Nonagon liner £164 |  Croydon (10-sided)  £175 | Apostle liner £210 | Circular (5′) £79 |

Flat-pack Galilee /£130 (0.5mm thick) / £95 (0.35mm thick). | Custom-made POA

All prices plus carriage (£10) and VAT.

Insulating Floating Pool Coversinsulating cover

  • Increase the effectiveness of the heaters and reduce heating times – and save money
  • Tough, hard-wearing plastic
  • Cut to shape and size

 1800mm (6′) diameter circular (for Nonagon or Compact or 5-panel Ultraflat) is £52.00 |  2100mm (7′) diameter circular (for Croydon or Apostle baptistries) £65 | Shaped cover for Galilee £53 | 1500mm diam (5′) circular (for Round or hexagonal or 4-panel Ultraflat)  £40.00.  Rectangle 2100mm x 1500mm (7′ x 5′) £40

All prices plus carriage (£7) and VAT.


  • Protect your baptistry equipment.
  • Available in 3 sizes: large crate as used in hires for all the equipment except panels and pads; medium fits 4.8kW heater and 2.4kW with control box; small crate fits 2.4kW heater without control box.

Large crate (approx 80L) £45 | Medium (approx 40L) £25 | Small (approx 15L) £20.

All prices plus carriage (£7) and VAT.

Pool Steps

We make single and 2-step units which can go inside or outside the pool. We make them to go in the water and not float! The single step is approximately 28cm high and designed for use with all our baptistries except the Apostle. The 2-step unit is approximately 43cm high and designed for the Apostle.

Single step £110 each or £200 a pair, plus carriage (£7) and VAT.

2-step unit £160 each or £300 a pair, plus carriage (£10) and VAT.

3-step unit £560 each, plus carriage (POA) and VAT.

4-step unit £750 each plus carriage (POA) and VAT.


baptistry step_small


Fibreglass Touch-up Repair Kit

A small touch-up kit for chips in fibreglass, the kit contains the separate constituents to be mixed together before the repair.  These are available in blue or white (our standard pool colours) for £20. Other colours are available (see ralcolor.com), please contact us.

Free UK mainland delivery.


All prices +delivery and VAT