Pool Equipment – Pumps, Pipes, Liners, &c.

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submersible pump for baptistryPumps
  • Plugs into mains
  • 400W pump can pump out from 6m depth and empty to about 40mm
  • Puddle pump (80W) has lower flow rate but can empty to about 3mm!
  • Simple and robust
  • Can also use pump 'on its side' to stir up water in larger baptistries to ensure even heating
  • All pumps come ready to use (i.e. with connectors for our pipes)

100W budget(without float switch) £57| 400W £75 | Puddle pump £75. |

Offer bundle pump + 20m layflat / 12m crushproof + connector + UK delivery for £95+VAT

All prices plus carriage (£7) and VAT.

Baptistry equipmentCrushproof Piping
  • Does not kink
  • Enables pump to work more efficiently
  • Speedier emptying of pool
  • Hard-wearing and long lasting
  • Includes attachments if bought with pump

£3/metre (or 25m roll for £60)

All prices plus carriage (£7) and VAT.

layflat hoseLayflat
  • Highly compact storage


All prices plus carriage (£7) and VAT.

Baptistry liners
  • Replace portable baptistry liners.
  • Extend the life of an old in-ground pool.
  • Range of colours and patterns - patterned liners do not show marking as easily and look better for longer as a result.
  • Available in a range of thicknesses - 0.75mm (30 thou."); 0.5mm (20 thou. "); and 0.35mm (14-16 thou. "). Please note, not all colours are available in each thickness.
  • Bespoke liners can be made for your own baptistry pools.

Prices for plain blue liners: Nonagon liner £168 | Croydon (10-sided) £185 | Apostle liner £220 | Circular (5') £79 |

Flat-pack Galilee /£130 (0.5mm thick) / £95 (0.35mm thick). | Custom-made POA

All prices plus carriage (£10) and VAT.

  • Increase the effectiveness of the heaters and reduce heating times - and save money
  • Tough, hard-wearing plastic
  • Cut to shape and size

1800mm (6') diameter circular (for Nonagon or Compact or 5-panel Ultraflat) is £52.00 |

2100mm (7') diameter circular (for Croydon or Apostle baptistries) £65 |

Shaped cover for Galilee £53 |

1500mm diam (5') circular (for Round or hexagonal or 4-panel Ultraflat) £40.00.

Rectangle 2100mm x 1500mm (7' x 5') £40

All prices plus carriage (£7) and VAT.

Step stool for water We make step units which can go inside or outside the pool. We make them to go in the water and not float!
  • The single step is approximately 30cm high and designed for use with all our baptistries except the Apostle.
  • The 2-step unit is approximately 43cm high, 60cm wide and has treads 25cm deep.  It is designed for pools such as the Apostle.
  • The 3-step unit is approximately 64cm high, 60cm wide and the treads are 25cm deep.
  • The 4-step unit is 76cm high by 50cm wide and 125cm long as each tread is 25cm deep except the top one of 50cm.
  • Single step £110 each or £200 a pair, plus carriage (£10) and VAT.
  • 2-step unit £160 each or £300 a pair, plus carriage (£10) and VAT.
  • 3-step unit £560 each, plus carriage (POA) and VAT.
  • 4-step unit £750 each plus carriage (POA) and VAT
We can make steps to your specification, so please contact us.
Protect your baptistry equipment. Available in 2 sizes: large crate as used in hires for all the equipment except panels and pads; medium fits 4.8kW heater and 2.4kW with control box.

Large crate (approx 80L) £45 | Medium (approx 40L) £25 |

All prices plus carriage (£7) and VAT.

interlocking base mats for baptistry
  • Protect baptistry liners.
  • Added insulation.
  • Interlocking tiles or large foam roll-mats available.

Interlocking dark grey or black foam tiles (approx. 600mm x 600mm x 9mm) £2.50 each.

(9 for Nonagon or Compact; 12 for a Flatpack Galilee; 16 for Croydon or Apostle).

Large black closed-cell foam mats (2m x 1m x 9mm) £62 each.

All prices plus carriage (£7) and VAT.

A small touch-up kit for chips in fibreglass, the kit contains the separate constituents to be mixed together before the repair. These are available in blue or white (our standard pool colours) for £25. Other colours are available (see ralcolor.com), please contact us. Free UK mainland delivery.

All prices +delivery and VAT