Baptistry Lids

We make reinforced baptistry lids to cover your baptismal tank.  These will take the weight of foot traffic, the choir, or a grand piano.  We can make them in various thicknesses to suit the loading and the size of pool.

If you have wooden covers that are too heavy or too tatty, ask  us for a price.  Send us a photo of the baptistry and measurements, we’ll give you a price.

All our lids come with a smooth, finished upper face, and you can choose your colour.  If you have a flooring in mind, you can adhere these directly to the lids.

We make our baptistry lids with recessed threads in at least one of the set, so that you can screw in lifting handles (provided) to help lift out the lids.

Usually, our lids sit on top of the rim or flange you already use but sometimes that means tailoring to the existing to the existing pool.  Below, we relined the old pool and then made lids (off-site) to fit.  We returned to site with the lids and adjusted them to ensure an exact fit.

Tailoring the lids to fit

Fibreglass lids are stronger and lighter than wood and, unlike wood, are not affected by the damp of the pool.  They are low or zero-maintenance and will last for decades.

Contact David to get a price for a set of lids.  All  that is needed are a few photos of the pool and lids and measurements.  Contact BaptistryUK