Small Baptistry Tanks

Smaller portable baptistryWe make a range of smaller baptistries which combine mobility with strength and safety. Usually, these baptistries are intended for one person, with the minister staying outside. These baptistries are custom built to your specifications.

They can be tall and deep pools for the Orthodox tradition, or they can be elongated for the candidate either to be lowered backwards, or for them to kneel and prostate themselves forward. 

Often, they are dual purpose, such as being both a baptistry and an altar or side-table.

They can be clad in wood or fibreglass or left ready to take a cladding of your own choice and colour or as a way of saving on budget if you have a carpenter in the church. Or, with the altar baptistries, you may want it to fit your altar cloths and frontals.

These small baptistries can be built to be lifted, or with strong, braked castors so that the baptistry can be moved into place, safely parked and then filled. As with all our pools, we incorporate insulation in the walls. And our 2.4kW immersion heater would have the water warm in a short time.

Mobile pools can have a plug waste and detachable piping to the waste so that it can empty down a drain like a normal bath: the benefits of permanent plumbing and a mobile pool!