Croydon (10-sided)

Croydon 10 sided baptistry

The Croydon: all the advantages of the Nonagon with an extra panel for more space.  The ten sides of our Croydon create a pool big enough for a tall person and two attendants; while packing down to be easy to store and transport.

 You can choose a dark blue textured wood effect (this is the type we hire out), or any colour on the RALcolor range when purchasing.  Choose the colour of your liner, with pale blue as standard.


Capacity: 2200 litres

Size when set up: 205cm across and 77cm deep

Size when flat:  ten panels when flat: 77cm x 67cm each

Equipment box: 75x45x35cm


Rough estimates for you:

Rating for set up: Straightforward

How long to set up? Around 25 minutes for two people

How long to fill? Around two and a half hours

How long to heat? At best around 8 hours; at most around 18 hours

(see our blog for tips on heating)


Hire Kit:

10 panels; liner; nuts and bolts; a fibreglass step; foam base mats; a submersible pump; a  water heater; 15-20m of lay flat piping (extension pieces available); an insulating floating top; and strong storage crate.

Hire prices: Hire prices

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Basic kit:

10 panels; liner; nuts and bolts; & a fibreglass step.

Optional extras:

 See our  baptistry equipment bundles at Baptistry Kit for pumps, heaters, pipes, etc.


Croydon Baptistry in use from Baptistryuk on Vimeo.