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We design and manufacture baptistries – both permanent and dismountable – and all our existing pool models can be customized.  We can also build baptistries in-situ.
We can make whatever shape and size you want (within reason!) We can either build baptistries to your own specifications, or you can describe the baptistry you want and we can make it.

Insulated baptistry tank

BaptistryUK Elim pool

We can design and build almost any shape and size of baptistry. As we use timber moulds, each and every pool can be bespoke without the higher price-tag.

We have two styles designed to be customized – pools with integral steps called Elim style, and those with a separate step unit, which is called The Jordan. The Jordan is ideal as a compact baptistry that looks like, and acts as, church furniture such as an altar. Also, the Jordan lends itself to additional finishes such as tiling effect

Everything about them can be tailored – dimensions, steps, drainage, filling, colour, one-piece or two-piece… you choose.  We have very popular designs, such as the ‘Elim Standard‘ and the ‘Elim Compact‘  but every pool can be customized, often at no extra cost.

A fibreglass baptistry tank has many advantages over a concrete and tile pit.

  1. It is almost always cheaper in terms of building costs.  Installation of a single-piece tank is quicker, and it isn’t always necessary to have plumbing for drains or even filling – there are a range of options to suit the needs, budget and situation of the church.
  2. Where our pre-formed GRP pools shows their superiority over concrete is in zero-maintenance.  Tiling and grouting will soon start to look grubby and we get many enquirers needing to repair or replace leaking concrete pools.
  3. We have never found a concrete pool that has been properly insulated, most have none at all.  This makes them difficult to heat as you are heating water and the surrounding concrete.  All our tanks are insulated as standard with 50mm kingspan.  Lids can be insulated too.
  4. Where you have a leaking concrete baptistry, we have the expertise to reline them.

Baptistry UK Elim baptisteryPlease call David on 0345 230 1381 if you have any queries or simply want to explore the options. We are happy to provide you with information and drawings, and such things as plumbing, drainage and installation are best considered early in the project. We are happy to give whatever advice we can.  To help, I’ve put together a down-loadable PDF sheet to give A few salient points of designing and building a baptistry – For Architects

BaptistryUK baptistry manufacture






BaptistryUK- custom-build poolsBaptistery - bespoke grp poolsThe layout of your pool can be customized in so many ways: steps, colours, lights, drainage options, tiling effects…