Nonagon Baptistry

Nonagon flatpack baptistry

The Nonagon baptistry: our most popular baptistry combining a spacious design for your baptism with compact storage and easy set up.

 The nine sides of our Nonagon create a pool big enough for a tall person and two attendants; while packing down to be easy to store and transport.

The standard Nonagon is a wood-grain effect in mid brown (or, if you’re buying, choose a colour from the RALcolor chart).

The baptistry panels come with a pale blue liner as standard.  If you would like a patterned liner, see the liners section on the Equipment page.


Capacity: 2000 litres

Size when set up: 180cm across and 77cm deep

(Beech veneer is slightly deeper at 82cm deep)

Size when flat:  nine panels when flat: 77cm x 67cm each

Equipment box: 75x45x35cm


Rough estimates for you:

Rating for set up: Straightforward

How long to set up? Around 20 minutes for two people

How long to fill? Around 2 hours

How long to heat? At best around 8 hours; at most around 16 hours

(see our blog for tips on heating).


Hire Kit:

9 panels; liner; nuts and bolts; a fibreglass step; foam base mats; a submersible pump; a water heater; 20m of lay flat piping or (if purchasing) 15m crushproof pipe; an insulating floating top; puncture repair kit and strong storage crate.


Sales:      Click here for prices

Basic kit:

9 panels; liner; nuts and bolts; & a fibreglass step.

Optional extras:

 See our  baptistry equipment bundles at Baptistry Kit for pumps, heaters, pipes, etc.

Nonagon Baptistry, BaptistryUK from Baptistryuk on Vimeo.