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Baptistry Hire

All hire prices have three parts – Hire, returnable bond and transport. See ‘Hire Prices & Payment‘ for more info.  All HIRE prices include VAT already. The pool comes with a heater, pump and all the necessary equipment.
Browse though some of the hire pools and then,  if you have a pool in mind, fill in the form at the foot of this page and we’ll send you the completed paperwork to move things on. Or, contact Liz or Yvonne on 0345 230 1381.  
We aim to despatch on a Tuesday for it to arrive with you on Wednesday so that you have time to check the pool and heater. The pool will be collected from you the following Monday.

The delivery and collection will take place between 9am-5pm and must be to/from a staffed venue.  A ‘before noon’ delivery is available for a small cost to minimise the amount of time someone has to wait in.

The courier will send an ESTIMATED time of delivery (but not always for the collection).

Drivers will NOT ring ahead to give notice, NOR will they ring a number left on a door and wait.  

If your venue will not be staffed during these hours for delivery and collection, consider using a home address.

DPD are the usually the default carrier as they give an estimated delivery window and are the least expensive, but there are other  delivery options such as DHL and City Sprint.   

Please can we ask all church customers to be aware that courier drivers are very pressured people providing an important service.  We all try and work with them as much as possible, which is why we let churches know before they hire that all deliveries and collections will take place between 9am-5pm and must be to/from a staffed venue. If this is not possible, please consider a delivery to a home address.  


 Compact Baptistry

compact baptistry


If you know the baptistry you want and would like to start the booking process, fill in the form below and we will email the completed booking form and invoice to you .

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