Altar Baptistry

A baptistry can be hidden in the altar table. Lift the table top lids and there is a roomy baptistry within. The braked castors enable the altar / baptistry to be moved and firmly parked.

Altar Baptistries can be made to your preferred dimensions – you may want them to fit with your altar frontals. Or we can make it to our standard size of 1.2 m wide, 2m long and 1.1m high.

The baptistry can be supplied clad in plain wood (unvarnished or varnished) and then the church can use their own altar frontals to cover it. Or it can be supplied without but ready to take cladding. This enables the church to choose their own timber or colour scheme.

Inside the baptistry the floor has two levels so the candidate can sit and be lowered backwards whilst the minister stays outside and keeps dry. The pool can be emptied via a plug in the base to which a long, flexible waste pipe is attached. This way, the church has a mobile pool with all the convenience of fixed plumbing!

Unclad mobile Altar baptistry
A similar Altar Baptistry shown ready to take cladding. This gives you the choice of covering and enables a bit of a saving on the budget. You can also see the robust subframe and castors.