Flatpack Panel Portable Baptistries

All churches are different and have different needs, buildings, budgets and ways of outreach.  For some churches, a fixed pool in or above ground may not be appropriate or possible.  We can make the large baptistry tanks on wheels, but this may not be portable enough.

A large portable baptistry pool that can be taken down and moved may be more to your needs, especially if you need flexibility with your church building.  A lot of growing churches move and upsize buildings, or meet in several buildings across a neighbourhood.

These panel baptistries use an extra-tough and hard-wearing form of GRP so that you are investing in a pool that will last many years.  They are very strong and yet lightweight and can store easily.  All our pools have a ‘painted wood’ effect to make them pleasing to look at, and you can choose your colour.


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Permanent baptistries, high-quality portable baptistries and baptistry hire are our focus.  If you are looking for  budget pools.  We recommend the Wooden Baptistery Company   as they recommend us for purchasing baptistry equipment kits.

The Apostle Flatpack Baptistry is the size of some of our permanent baptismals – at 210 cm across and 100cm deep, it is the capacity of one of our Compact Elim single piece baptistry tanks!  These are strong pools built for longevity and strength.  Each pool comprises 12 panels (the default is a warm cream colour but you can choose your colour from the RALcolor range) and these are bolted together between metal plates for additional strength.  The pool comes with 2 liners for extra peace of mind.  Again, the default is a mid-blue but patterns and colours are available.  This is a pool for when you want the capacity of a permanent pool but the flexibility of a portable pool; and at this volume of water, you don’t want to be messing about about with wooden pools.

Our show stopper, this is the pool with real stage presence for your bigger events – and, surprisingly, it still fits in most cars for transport!  This pool has the capacity of one of our permanent walk-in fibreglass baptistry tanks but with all the flexibility and move-ability of a portable.  Also, at these volumes of water, fibreglass achieves safety without excessive bulk, which wood cannot.

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Croydon 10 sided baptistry

Croydon Baptistry

Nonagon flatpack baptistry

Nonagon Baptistry

The Nonagon (9-sided) and Croydon (10-sided) Flatpack Baptistries are probably the most commonly used and requested of all our baptistries.  These are the same hard-wearing pools we use for hire – wood effect GRP in range of colours.  These are extremely tough and hard-wearing baptistry panels and they will go on for many years.  Both combine spaciousness when assembled with compactness for storage and portability.  The Nonagon is 180cm across and the Croydon, 210cm across, both are 77cm deep.

Our most popular baptistry combining a spacious design for your baptism with compact storage and easy set up.

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Flatpack Galilee baptistry

Flatpack Galilee

The  Flatpack Galilee is the newest of the Flatpack Baptistry range.  It is 230cm long and 165cm wide and is designed to give the maximum length.  As with Nonagon and the Croydon, it is 77cm deep.  It consists of 14 panels and has the option of being supplied with 1x 0.5mm thick liner or 2x 0.35mm gauge liners.  This pool has the added advantage that if you take out the 2 straight centre panels, you have the Compact pool 170cm across which is ideal for venues where you need to set up and take down quickly or if you are baptising children (or need to save on water!).  As with all these pools, you can choose the colour of the panels.  And you are buying a very hard-wearing form of fibreglass that will last for many years.

A larger, flat-pack version of the popular old Galilee pool.  An excellent alternative to the Apostle.

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compact baptistry

The Compact is a variation on the Flatpack Galilee because it uses 12 of the same panels to give a ’round’ pool with an internal diameter of 165cm and a depth of 77cm.

The Compact baptistry is ideal for small spaces, or where a pool needs to be set up and taken down quickly; it is quick to fill and heat.  It can be used for adult baptism where the candidate kneels to be immersed.

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Bespoke Baptistries and Pools.  If you would like your own size, shape or format of portable baptistry, we’ve designed many shapes and sizes over the years and love creating something special just for your church, from hexagons to pear shapes,  just ask us!  We can advise, design and build it for you.  Get in touch.


UltraFlat Baptistery

Budget and Special Offer Baptistries.

Permanent baptistries, high-quality portable baptistries and baptistry hire are our focus.

We are moving away from selling budget pools.  We recommend the Wooden Baptistery Company   as they recommend us for purchasing baptistry equipment kits.  Also, if you buy one of their pools and one of our baptistry heaters, you can have free delivery.  Despite their name, they do sell fibreglass pools too.

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Wooden Baptisteries.  We specialise in the design and manufacture of fibreglass tanks, both permanent or panel-built.  If you would like a wooden baptistry then we would direct you to Wooden Baptistery Co.  We put together kits of equipment for them, so we do get something out of it!