Inflatable Baptistry with Kit Bundle

Inflatable indoor pool for baptism


We’ll have a new, larger version in the Autumn.

As churchfolk, we understand that the increasing delivery costs have made baptistry hire unaffordable for some.  We are in the process of designing a larger inflatable indoor baptistry that can be sold or hired but in the meantime, we have put together a sale bundle of:

  • an inflatable indoor baptistry pool,
  • pump (to inflate)
  • submersible pump (to empty),
  • 10m hose and
  • polythene floor mat.

Price: £290 with free UK delivery.  If you would also like a stretch-over liner for inside the pool (for infection control and a little more protection), this would bring the package price to £325 with free UK deliveryThese prices already include VAT.  Also, this is a sale and not a hire. 

Dimensions: internally,  it is 1.42cm long by 1.3m wide by 65cm.  This is the same depth as the 5′ round.  As with the 5′ round pool, the candidate would need to kneel and be lowered sideways for full immersion.  It takes about 1-2 minutes to inflate and about 30 minutes to fill at mains pressure. If you have hot water in nearby, you probably won’t need a heater.

As a comparison,the cost of hire of 5 foot round is £180 plus £250 delivery, giving a total of £430 +VAT plus returnable bond.

And of course this is a pool you can use again.  Whilst it wouldn’t be as long-lived as a fibreglass or wooden baptistry, one could get up to 20 uses with careful use and storage.


This pool should be seen as a long-term hire, which is why we offer it in the hire section as a hire alternative.  You buy the pool and kit bundle, it will do a few baptisms.  When the pool needs replacing  just buy another pool for £205 delivered and off you go again.


This is a generic pool, we are currently designing one bigger and better but then it will cost more.  This is a bargain and when they are gone they are gone.