Special Offers and Discount Baptistries


Buy your own baptistry liner and get £40 off each hire.  Free storage crate.  Aside from the saving for each hire, you also have the peace of mind of knowing that the liner hasn’t run the risks associated with being hired and couriered.

Prices for plain blue liners: Nonagon liner £168, Croydon (10-sided) £185, Flat-pack Galilee /£130 (0.5mm thick) / £95 (0.35mm thick – you’d need 2 of these).  Contact us about this.

Ex-hire Baptistries

Ex-hire fibreglass Nonagon baptistry.  9 panels (brown) , NEW liner, and UK delivery.  £600+VAT.

Ex-hire Flat pack Galilee 14 panels in brown, newish ex-hire liner and delivery, £1400+VAT

If you would like new pump and pipe, or any other equipment, see the Equipment or Kits page.


You may also be interested in contacting WoodenBaptistery  as they have a range of portable baptistries.  The reason we recommend them is that they have asked us to put together kit bundles of baptistry equipment (heaters, pumps, pipes, etc), so we do get something out of it!

Contact us on 0345 230 1381 or via the contact form below