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Baptistry Design and Build

Altar Baptistry

A baptistry can be hidden in the altar table. This baptistry was made for Saints Peter and Paul in Buckingham and to their own dimensions. At around 1m high and wide and 1.8m long it works as their mobile altar when it is not is use. The baptistry is clad in plain wood and then the church can use their own altar frontals to cover it. The braked castors enable the altar / baptistry to be moved and firmly parked.

Inside the baptistry the floor has two levels so the candidate can sit and be lowered backwards whilst the minister stays outside and keeps dry. The pool can be emptied via a plug in the base to which a long, flexible waste pipe is attached. This way, the church has a mobile pool with all the convenience of fixed plumbing!

Bespoke at no extra expense. Let us know the dimensions you want us to work to, and we can build the baptistry for you. If you want to save on budget or choose your own cladding, we can make it ready to receive a timber exterior. Other things can be customised – such as colour or options for emptying (plug-waste or sump-and-pump).

Unclad mobile Altar baptistry
A similar Altar Baptistry shown ready to take cladding. This gives you the choice of covering and enables a bit of a saving on the budget. You can also see the robust subframe and castors.

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Small Baptistries

Jordan - small baptistry

Small baptistries made in fibreglass and made as a single pool has advantages over panel-pools. They are always set up ready, they don’t leak and you don’t need to buy liners.  Also, as we incorporate insulation into the walls, they are much more economical to run.  They are compact but large enough to baptize an adult. They are small enough that the minister can baptise from beside the pool (and keep dry) but wide enough to accommodate two people if the minster wants to get into the pool to baptize.  Small Jordan baptistry

It is also easy to clad the pools to make them look like furniture, and to put them on wheels.  The wheels are heavy-duty metal and rubber wheels – with brakes!  So they can be moved about the church and have other functions.  We can make them to take the place of the altar / Lord’s Table so that space is saved.  The lids can be reinforced so that the pool can be stood on as an extra piece of staging.

Inside, there can be a range of different lay-outs.  A step to get in will probably be needed and we have a range of them.  And all of the steps are movable.  The inside could be all the same depth, as in the pictures of the small ‘Jordan baptistry‘ here.

Or you could have one with a deep and shallow section, like the Westminster baptistry (below).  This was purchase with steps so that the candidate entered the pool at the shallow end and then sat, with their feet in the deeper part.  The minister, stood outside the pool, could lower the candidate backward over the shallow part.

All these baptistries are made to accept cladding.  This is often something that the church would like to do for themselves as they can choose their material and colours (and also save some money!)

Emptying the pool is made easy with options for sump and pump, or plug wastes and valves.  It is also possible to attach clamp-on piping to carry the water away.  The piping can be easily stored within the pool, as can any pump or water heaters and any steps.  If storage is a problem, these types of baptistry can be very useful as they use the same bit of space twice!


Ex-hire Nonagon Baptistry for Sale


The Nonagon is the workhorse of our pools and  the most popular.  It packs down well but also gives plenty of space when set up, with enough room for 3 people in the pool.  One of our Nonagons needs to be retired and is on sale at the very low price of £540 (VAT already included) and with free UK mainland delivery.  The sale is of 9 panels, fastenings, a nearly new liner and base-pads.  The panels are in mid-brown and with a wood-effect.

Replacement panels are always available £126+delivery and VAT each – which shows what a saving this is!

New liners are always available at £164+delivery and VAT.


Heater Redesign – what happened to the little 2.4kW?

baptistry water heater 2.4kWAs regular customers will know, we’ve been selling a range of baptistry water heaters to cover a range of pool sizes, and of church budgets! The 2.4kW heater was made with a simple temperature cut-out which meant that the heater would switch off about 39°C. The water temperature would then drop until the thermal cut-out cooled enough to switch back on again and re-warm the water.  But some churches were finding that the amount of time (and, therefore, the drop in temperature) between cutting out and switching back on again was too long.  We’ve come to the decision that they are a false economy and that churches would be better spending a bit more and buying one with the control box, which keeps the temperature more tightly controlled.

Bespoke versions of this water heater for specialist applications, where a different cut-out temperature is required for example, can still be made.

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Pentecost 2018 – Hires and Special Offers

baptistry hire

After Easter where pools and heaters were all booked out with 2 weeks to go to the big day, all pools are already booked out for Pentecost.  The Sundays of 20th and 27th are booked up.

We do still have heaters available.  Please don’t leave it late!






Special offers for Pentecost

Special offer for Pentecost - Ultraflat baptistry


The Ultra-Flat is a big pool for a low price.  And, as the name suggests, it stores as flat, light-weight fibreglass panels so that it can be taken down and tucked behind things, out of the way. The smaller version is £595 + delivery, the larger one is £698+delivery (VAT already included).  FREE delivery available too.


Christmas 2017

Christmas 2017

The last week for despatches of pools will be the week beginning the 11th December and it would be wise to ensure that any pool wanted for Christmas is despatched before the Tuesday because couriers are extra busy at this time of year. The last despatches will be on Monday 18th but we cannot guarantee their arrival before Christmas.

The offices will close Tuesday 19th Dec and will re-open on Wednesday 3rd Jan to deal with return collections and getting baptistries back to base. No hires will be sent out that week as there won’t be enough week left! Back to normal on 8th January.

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Price Rises and How to Avoid Them!

I have been writing an email to a customer in the Netherlands and had to delay sending it for over a week to wait for a an important piece of information I needed. In that time, we’d gone from 89p to the Euro to 92p.

We all know that it wasn’t long ago that it was 84p.  I was amazed it took some of our suppliers so long but we know that some items and supplies will increase by 4% on 1st October.  We expect more in the New Year and /or April

We’re thinking of ways round this.

For example, all current stock will be sold at pre-increase prices.  Hires for 2018 can be at current 2017 prices if booked now.  It would be very wise to book for Easter 2018 very soon in any case as pools are limited (see our last blog).  


Baptistry Hire

Easter 2018 – Book pools soon

Easter will fall on 1st April next year.  Leaving aside the obvious jokes, we want to warn customers that the number of pools available for hire will, effectively, be smaller this year.

Normally, if someone hired a baptistry one week, you’d be able to hire it the week or fortnight after.  This doesn’t apply in the Easter season because there are no deliveries on Good Friday and Easter Monday.  Added to this, courier companies are extra busy at this time as well.  A baptistry only has to arrive back a day late or not in a good state, and the whole schedule gets even more frantic.  For us, this has become a logistical nightmare.

This year, if someone books a pool for Palm Sunday, it  won’t be available for Easter. More significantly, if a pool is booked for Easter, it will not be available for Palm or Low Sunday.   Do please plan and book ahead.  We have already had bookings for 2018.

The run up to Easter is also a busy time for heater purchases, particularly as people get old heaters out to test for Easter and then find they don’t work. Please don’t leave it until the last minute.  heaters

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Ex-Hire Stock Sell-Off – Grab A Galilee Baptistry at a Bargain Price!

Galilee BaptistryBaptistry UK is selling off its remaining very limited ex-hire stock of the ever-popular portable Galilee Baptistry.

Why are we stopping selling this baptistry (especially as it’s so popular!)

  • The Galilee is a fantastic baptistry, however with its curved sides it was a little bulkier when packed, and therefore more expensive to ship than a flat-pack baptistry. We are therefore replacing it with the Flat-Pack Galilee and selling off the curved sided stock.

Why is the Galilee such a popular baptistry?

  • This is an exceptionally well insulated baptistry. You may not need a heater if you have access to hot water
  • Fast and easy to put up and take down
  • 100% no-leak reliability record

This is a fantastic opportunity to own your own baptistry at a not-to-be repeated price! Don’t miss out – there is very limited stock of these baptistries so call us now to confirm your order (+00 44 (0)345 230 1381)


Save £600 on the new price of a Galilee Baptistry!

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Safety Testing Pool Heaters

Safety testing heatersIt is worth re-running this old post.

Before coming to you, each heater has journey of testing to come through.

The electronics are made for us in the UK by Cyclops / DJ Assembly in York. The heating coils are made at Backers in Rotherham. They are tested and certified by the manufacturer before coming to us.

Other components are sourced from reputable UK companies such as Honeywell and RS Components.  All have their British Standard mark.

When bringing together the parts, we test each main component individually. Then the assembled unit is further tested.  There are a suite of tests we perform to be able to give them their CE marking.

And finally, we run the heater in water for 8 hours to simulate its use and the check it one last time.

And just to make sure, there is a 12 month warranty period for additional peace of mind.

Also, the ‘4.8kW heater’ and the ‘2.4kW with Control heater’ are both serviceable and will give you a long life.

The rest is over to the customer.  Think of the instructions as part of the product.  The instructions must be read and no one who as not read them should use the heaters.  If you ever lose your instructions, get in touch and we’ll send you some new ones.

Whilst these are relatively low temperature heaters appliances, they still have a hot metal element and should be treated with respect.

We have been making heaters for nearly 30 years, and tested 1000s of them. We know how they work and what breaks them.  Keep to the following and your heater will give you long service.

  • No heater should ever be switched on outside water.
  • No heater should be removed from the water before being switched off, unplugged and allowed to cool
  • Ever!
  • And if any part of the heater has been damaged, do not use it: contact us to arrange repair.