In-line Pool Heater

All items subject to sudden price changes but the prices shown are current.  Also, we will check all prices immediately prior to any order.0.33hp pump

If you  prefer a built-in, in-line pool heater system for your baptistry, we can supply the main components to enable your plumber to install one for you: pump, heater and inlet and outlet.  (Click on images for datasheets).


The 0.33hp pump is £330.


The heater comes in 4.5kW and 9kW options.

A 9kW heater is £757+delivery and VAT

A 4.5kW heater is £690+delivery and VAT.

*Please see the datasheet as there different options for ratings as well as an analogue or digital display.  Please let us know your choice and we’ll provide prices.  The prices above are for analogue, single phase 220-240V


Pair of Inlet/Outlet fittings (withInlet / Outlet for inline heater

backnut, not shown) £82+delivery and VAT.




A filter isn’t necessary as the water would not be kept in the baptistry for long periods (probably no more than 24-48 hours), but we can advise on these.