Baptistry Leasing Prices

Prices for Leasing Baptistries

Leasing is a way to keep your costs down by not having the repeated expense of postage and packing every time you hire – not to mention the hassle of waiting in for couriers.

The baptistries come with the equipment you need just as they do when hired.  But better than that –

  • All new equipment (with the exception of the ex-hire Galilee itself).

  • The kit stays with you so you can look after it.

  • None of the wear and tear from repeated carriage you get with hiring.

  • No waiting for couriers.

  • One free replacement liner or one free heater service over course of lease.

  • On the 5 year lease, as soon as you use the pool for the third time you are saving on what you would pay for hiring.

5 Year Plan Nonagon Croydon Flat-pack Galilee    
*Weekly cost of leasing after initial payment (inc. VAT)   £17.80    £18.31 £18.31    
Initial payment (inc. VAT) £350.00 £360.00 £360.00
59 months at (inc VAT) £77.12 £79.32 £79.32

*The weekly figures are there as an illustration, billing would be monthly.

If I take out the 5 year lease, can I stop part-way? Yes, you can end it at 3 years.

Can I change the type of pool I’m leasing? Yes.

Do I end up paying more than if I’d bought it? Yes.  There are two main reasons for this.  Firstly, this is an ongoing service and should be compared with hiring rather than purchasing. Secondly, the up-front costs are very much on our side.  As we seek to make the hire business more sustainable in the face of increasing costs, the lease scheme is one response to enable churches to avoid these increases.  We have approached this both as churchfolk and businessfolk.  Special sale packages are on offer at the moment, not just on ex-hire stock but also for new kits.

Is this a hire purchase?  No, although if there is the interest, we could arrange one.  The down-side is that your relationship would then be with the credit company rather than us.  Also, it is possible to buy over short number of instalments if you want to spread the purchase.

How many times do I have to use the pool to break even?  On the 5 year scheme, what you pay in one year on 3 hires would be more than you would spend per year on the lease.  Therefore, as church on the 5 year lease, when you use your baptistry for the third time in a year, you are saving.  Even looking back to the old, lower hire prices, a church would have been saving by the time they had their fourth baptism in a year!  Coincidentally, this is the same for the new 3 year lease – by your fourth baptism in a year, the church is saving money.  Leasing really is good value where the church isn’t needing a baptistry for a one-off event.