Small Baptistries

25th October 2018 0 By BUK_admin

Jordan - small baptistry

Small baptistries made in fibreglass and made as a single pool has advantages over panel-pools. They are always set up ready, they don’t leak and you don’t need to buy liners.  Also, as we incorporate insulation into the walls, they are much more economical to run.  They are compact but large enough to baptize an adult. They are small enough that the minister can baptise from beside the pool (and keep dry) but wide enough to accommodate two people if the minster wants to get into the pool to baptize.  Small Jordan baptistry

It is also easy to clad the pools to make them look like furniture, and to put them on wheels.  The wheels are heavy-duty metal and rubber wheels – with brakes!  So they can be moved about the church and have other functions.  We can make them to take the place of the altar / Lord’s Table so that space is saved.  The lids can be reinforced so that the pool can be stood on as an extra piece of staging.

Inside, there can be a range of different lay-outs.  A step to get in will probably be needed and we have a range of them.  And all of the steps are movable.  The inside could be all the same depth, as in the pictures of the small ‘Jordan baptistry‘ here.

Or you could have one with a deep and shallow section, like the Westminster baptistry (below).  This was purchase with steps so that the candidate entered the pool at the shallow end and then sat, with their feet in the deeper part.  The minister, stood outside the pool, could lower the candidate backward over the shallow part.

All these baptistries are made to accept cladding.  This is often something that the church would like to do for themselves as they can choose their material and colours (and also save some money!)

Emptying the pool is made easy with options for sump and pump, or plug wastes and valves.  It is also possible to attach clamp-on piping to carry the water away.  The piping can be easily stored within the pool, as can any pump or water heaters and any steps.  If storage is a problem, these types of baptistry can be very useful as they use the same bit of space twice!