Emptying a Baptistry Pool

8th June 2016 2 By BUK_admin

Emptying baptistry with pumpWhen it comes to emptying a baptistry, the most common way is to use a submersible sump pump.  There are many reasons why churches go down this route.  Sometimes, it is because the levels are wrong so gravity drainage isn’t an option.  But it is just as common to find that the church are unwilling to have plumbing under the baptistry that they may not be able to get at and which may start leaking at some point in the future.

From the point of view of cost of the baptistry itself, it doesn’t make any difference whether a pool is drained through a plug-hole or a sump pump – it is just a minor tweak in moulding.  For the church, the pump and pipe option can very often be the cheaper option.  There are options when it comes to deciding where to get the pump to empty to – down a loo, down an existing drain, or down a purpose-made extension to the foulwater drain.

The picture here shows the water being pumped out to a stack (rather like the back of a washing machine) that is hidden beneath a service hatch.  The same service hatch houses the valve to turn the water supply on to fill the baptistry.

For a neater look, the same camlocks that clamp the pipe to the pump, can be used at the other end to clamp the pipe to the drain.  (This can also be applied to overflows too, ask about this if it is something of interest!)

If access to the underside of the baptistry and its plumbing is not easy or downright impossible, the pump and pipe method offers a low-cost, low-worry option with extremely low installation costs.

As we can mould any baptistry to suit, we can build in the drainage, filling and overflow options you’d like to see and, most times, there is no cost implication.