Ultra-flat Baptistry – A Very Affordable Baptistry

21st January 2014 2 By admin

A new baptistry is born and what better way to test it than to let three kids loose on it during the heatwave!A new cheap portable baptistery The UltraFlat baptismal comprises four flat but flexible GRP panels that bend and bolt together to form a rigid circular frame. A very quick and very cheap portable baptistry. This four panel version is 150cm (5′) across. You could add a fifth panel and the pool would be 188cm in diameter (just over 6’3″). This baptistry dismantles into flat panels that can be easily stored. And what’s more this baptistry costs less than £400. You can buy extra pieces of equipment but a lot of the additonal kit can be easily sourced locally from a hardware shop. A very tough, simple, flat, storable, flexible and cheap baptistry!