Squeaks? Don’t fret…

22nd December 2014 0 By admin

Squeaks when you walk over your permanent installed Baptistry are pretty rare, but a few things can cause them and there’s some easy solutions, so there’s no need to fret.

Firstly, take a peek at where the baptistry and lids meet. If there are signs of abrasion, that’s likely to be where the noise has come from. On very wide pools, there can be a little flex in the lids and – while there’s no problem functionally – where there’s movement there can be a squeak.

As Baptistry UK’s owner is also an experienced church treasurer, we know you’ll appreciate a simple and cheap “hack” that will deal with the problem straight away. A small amount of vaseline (or any non-brand petroleum jelly…) works wonders when applied to the area that has caused the squeak.

For any really persistent squeaks, a thin foam padding may be the answer – although, as our lids are well fitted, do check that there is room to add foam to the seal. You can always talk to us too, with years of experience, we’ll work through the right solution for you.

Peace at last!