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GRP tile sheets

Fibreglass brickwork

brick effect fibreglass sheetsFibreglass (GRP) is such a wonderfully adaptable material for use in building, architecture and engineering.  If you would like sheets of brickwork to give you the look of a brick wall quickly and cheaply (and without the weight!), then we can help.  These can be supplied either as sheets or made up as walls (pictured).   We also make sheets of fibreglass tiles so you can tile whole walls in minutes.  Painted wood effect panels is another favourite!

Metal-effects with Fibreglass.

We can also incorporate metal-effect films into the GRP allowing us to make signs or plaques (or whatever takes your fancy!) that appear to be brass or bronze, for example.

Tiled Church Baptistries – Without Tiles!

The old way of making a church baptismal was to make a concrete hole, line it with a waterproof membrane and then tile it.  Within a few years the grout would be mouldy or, worse still, leaking.

One of the many advantages of a GRP baptistery is that it goes on for years and does not leak and, aside from any plumbing, does not need any maintenance.  But would you still like the look of tiles?

Now, the inside of our pre-formed GRP baptistries can be lined with sheets of fibreglass tiles.  The Jordan-style baptistries, with the steps as a separate unit which is fixed in place at installation, lends itself well to this tiled finish.tile effect finish

If you would like a tiled look in a toilet/washroom within the church and want it quickly and cheaply, we make the sheets in interlocking sheets approx. 60cm x 60cm, in sheets approx. 120cm x 180cm or to custom sizes.