How to Lose Your Bond #1 An Occasional Series…

21st January 2014 0 By admin

The photos below are taken of the pool as it had arrived back. The two boxes with panels in had not been taped up and were open as seen. The green kit box was unsealed too. The other taped-together blob contained the two foam mats (which should have been protecting the side panels) and the liner (which was wet and had leaves on it). The crate contained all the other kit chucked in pel-mel. The pipes were still full of water and there was 1cm of water sloshing about the bottom. Aside from being cavalier, it loses the bond. The bond cheque gets presented and the extra time taken in drying, cleaning and checking the kit is deducted.

Badly packed baptistry 20120925_113245 20120925_113644 20120925_113835

Please repack the pool and equipment carefully, not only is it the decent thing to do, it might mean that the next church has no pool because it has been damaged in transit. It is a very good idea to delegate a couple of people to unpack, set-up, take down and repack. Problems are most commonly encountered in large churches where there is no person taking responsibility.

There is a one page guide, with pictures, on repacking. There is a number to ring. Please take care of the baptistry and your bond.