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Movable Baptistry on Wheels – Use the Space!

movable baptistry on wheelsThis is is a big baptistry at 4m long and over 1.5m wide and a maximum depth of 1.2m…and steps at both ends.  We’ve just made this for a church in Preston.

Usually, baptistries are sunken into the ground, a few go above ground.  But there is a trend in the States to have them above ground and on castors so that they are mobile and can be moved about the church.  In modern open-space church buildings, a mobile baptistry makes use of the flexible space.  Will this trend catch on?

Most ‘new expression’ churches want space, open, flexible space that fits with their wide range of outreach and worship.  A baptistry that can be wheeled to any part of the auditorium fits with this style.

BTW, we do put brakes on too!

New Baptistry to Charlotte Chapel, Edinburgh

Baptistry with corner stepsWe’ve already done the jokes about Charlotte Chapel being the Non-conformist cousin of Charlotte Church, but here she is.  Not long out of the mould, trimmed and still dusty, she is waiting to have her lids fitted and checked.  This is quite a broad baptistry (2.0m x 2.4m) and is a little out-of-the-ordinary for having the steps within the pool.  A removable stainless steel handrail will be fitted to the side of the steps.Large square Elim baptistry

Thinking of Designing a Church Baptistry?

baptistry designI’ve put together a sheet of useful background information for when you’re designing, or discussing designs for, a church baptistry.  It is aimed at architects, builders and anyone in the church leading a project.  The design of a church baptistry can be very flexible (without certain constraints), often with little or no price implication.  However, you need to know where to start.  We have had one or two enquiries over the years from builders/architects who have gone too far down a cul-de-sac.

The link below opens the PDF.

A few salient points of designing and building a baptistry – For Architects

Special offer on Elim baptistry

Elim BaptistryThe ‘Elim Standard’ is on offer until Easter 2015.  This tank, 11′ long, 5′ wide and 4′ deep, comes free with reinforced lids for £6000+delivery.  The ‘Elim Compact ‘ 3m long 1.5m wide and 1m deep (only the British could mix their units so happily!!) is on offer for £5800.

All our baptismal tanks are insulated as standard.

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Special offer – wooden hexagonal pool

clip_image002_0000We have one of the wooden hexagonal baptistry pools for sale. Made with beech-veneered wood, these are very much in keeping with church interiors, as the picture of it in Bradford Cathedral shows. The pool is approximately 5′ across and 2’2″ deep. It slots together in a very neat way and needs no tools for assembly. The pool will come with new equipment, new liner but no heater.

Price £650+£50 delivery +VAT